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First tattoo done right

People get tattoos out of various reasons. And as I guess, all the reasons are connected to one common cause – the past experience of an individual. We get a tattoo in a mental state that is created by a subjective experience which can be positive or negative. Every single tattoo invokes unique, different emotions in different individuals.

I had been thinking of getting my first tattoo for two years and it was not until one day when I felt so certain about what I wanted and no one could ever change my mind on the idea, did I go to the tattoo artist and eventually get one for myself. The first tattoo’s idea came up when I was so keen on getting “Wanderlust” inked on my body and shared it with Myriam (my Algerian bitch), she told me she wanted a tattoo of Infinity symbol as well. Click!!! Few days later, I went to see the artist, described to him how I wanted the tattoo looked like. Being such a talented artist, he got my idea quickly, and put me on wait for 15 minutes. The moment he showed me the first sketch, I felt in love immediately. Then, he put the tattoo design in a thermal-fax machine to have it transferred onto a special thermal paper in seconds. Once it’s done, he pasted the paper onto my skin using sticky deodorant to moisturize. When the paper was pulled away, it left me with a purple-ish blue likeness of my soon-to-be tattoo. It was perfectly seated on my rib with pretty curvilinear lines. And I went through 2-hour of needles tapping pain to have it done beautifully.

To me, having this very first tattoo is to fuel my eternal wanderlust, to remind myself of an important value – an endless burning desire for learning and exploring the world: Age has nothing to do with the need for traveling. “It’s a question of how you live your life. The important thing is to adopt a stance of always being deadly serious about achieving your goals. You can’t go anywhere if you just resign yourself to being impossible”. Having said that, still many people are against tattoos and I think those people just have this natural inclination to try and tell others how to live their lives. Being tattooed doesn’t change who you are as a person. It doesn’t make you less intelligent, less compassionate, less friendly or more rebellious, more slutty. It is just art with a meaningful story behind.

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